Eggplant or aubergine is a unique vegetable who's a member of the nightshade family. They have a soft, spongy texture, when raw, turning more gooey, and mild when cooked. They're often grilled, roasted, stuffed, or added to dishes like curries.

They don't have many nutrients and consist mostly of water, but do have a few antioxidants that may benefit health.

Global Production Map


Water89.67 g
Energy35 kcal
1 %
Protein0.83 g
Fats0.23 g
Carbs8.73 g
Fiber2.5 g
Sugars3.2 g
Calcium6 mg
Iron0.25 mg
2 %
Magnesium11 mg
3 %
Phosphorus15 mg
1 %
Potassium123 mg
3 %
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.12 mg
1 %
Copper0.059 mg
7 %
Manganese0.113 mg
7 %
Selenium0.1 µg
Vit C1.3 mg
2 %
Thiamin0.076 mg
8 %
Riboflavin0.02 mg
2 %
Niacin0.6 mg
4 %
Vit B60.086 mg
7 %
Folate14 µg
4 %
Vit B120 µg
Vit A2 µg
Vit E0.41 mg
3 %
Vit D0 µg
Vit K2.9 µg
4 %
Sat Fat0.044 g
Mono Fat0.02 g
Poly Fat0.093 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg