Morel Mushrooms


These distinct mushroom are identified by their unique texture consisting of cavernous holes, surrounded by irregular ridges. They're best suited for adding flavourful depth to creamy, hearty dishes.

Morels are a great source of iron and copper, as well as being one of the few dietary sources of vitamin D. They've had associations with positive properties including anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects.

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Global Production Map

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Water89.61 g
Energy31 kcal
1 %
Protein3.12 g
Fats0.57 g
Carbs5.1 g
Fiber2.8 g
Sugars0.6 g
Calcium43 mg
3 %
Iron12.18 mg
81 %
Magnesium19 mg
5 %
Phosphorus194 mg
16 %
Potassium411 mg
9 %
Sodium21 mg
1 %
Zinc2.03 mg
23 %
Copper0.625 mg
70 %
Manganese0.587 mg
37 %
Selenium2.2 µg
4 %
Vit C0 mg
Thiamin0.069 mg
7 %
Riboflavin0.205 mg
21 %
Niacin2.252 mg
16 %
Vit B60.136 mg
11 %
Folate9 µg
2 %
Vit B120 µg
Vit A0 µg
Vit E0 mg
Vit D5.1 µg
102 %
Vit K0 µg
Sat Fat0.065 g
Mono Fat0.052 g
Poly Fat0.433 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg