Plantains are a type of cooking banana used as a more savory, starchy ingredient. They're common in South American cuisine, but remain versatile, able to be utilised in many dishes, often going well with various spices.

With an excellent profile of vitamins, including K, C and B6, along with minor quantities of multiple minerals, plantains are a great source of nutrition.

Studies of interest

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  1. Vitamin K and cancer
    Scand J Clin Lab Invest. 2017 Dec;77(8):555-567.

Global Production Map


Water65.2 g
Energy122 kcal
5 %
Protein1.3 g
Fats0.35 g
Carbs31.89 g
Fiber1.7 g
Sugars17.51 g
Calcium3 mg
Iron0.55 mg
4 %
Magnesium36 mg
10 %
Phosphorus32 mg
3 %
Potassium487 mg
10 %
Sodium4 mg
Zinc0.19 mg
2 %
Copper0.074 mg
8 %
Manganese0.144 mg
9 %
Selenium1.5 µg
3 %
Vit C18.4 mg
28 %
Thiamin0.062 mg
6 %
Riboflavin0.076 mg
8 %
Niacin0.672 mg
5 %
Vit B60.242 mg
20 %
Folate22 µg
6 %
Vit B120 µg
Vit A56 µg
8 %
Vit E0 mg
Vit D0 µg
Vit K28.8 µg
38 %
Sat Fat0 g
Mono Fat0 g
Poly Fat0 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg