Pumpkin Seeds


These seeds harvested from pumpkin innards have a sweet, nutty flavour. They can be used as a topper for various deserts and breads, but can also be integrated into hearty dishes also.

Incredibly nutrient-dense, pumpkin seeds have a fantastic profile of various minerals hitting multiple daily quotas in 100g. They've also been associated with both positive cardiovascular health as well as potential protection from breast cancer.

Global Production Map

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Water5.23 g
Energy559 kcal
23 %
Protein30.23 g
Fats49.05 g
Carbs10.71 g
Fiber6 g
Sugars1.4 g
Calcium46 mg
4 %
Iron8.82 mg
59 %
Magnesium592 mg
169 %
Phosphorus1233 mg
99 %
Potassium809 mg
17 %
Sodium7 mg
Zinc7.81 mg
87 %
Copper1.343 mg
151 %
Manganese4.543 mg
284 %
Selenium9.4 µg
17 %
Vit C1.9 mg
3 %
Thiamin0.273 mg
27 %
Riboflavin0.153 mg
15 %
Niacin4.987 mg
36 %
Vit B60.143 mg
12 %
Folate58 µg
14 %
Vit B120 µg
Vit A1 µg
Vit E2.18 mg
15 %
Vit D0 µg
Vit K7.3 µg
10 %
Sat Fat8.659 g
Mono Fat16.242 g
Poly Fat20.976 g
Trans Fat0.064 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg