These leafy greens are members of the cabbage family, and so are classified as a cruciferous veg. They can be used where other leafy greens can, including soups, sauces, and salads.

Being a relative of the cabbage, they pack a little (big) green punch of vitamins and phytonutrients, including dietary nitrates. Cruiferous veg have extremely powerful health benefits including reduced risk of cardiovasular disease.

Global Production Map

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Water95.11 g
Energy11 kcal
Protein2.3 g
Fats0.1 g
Carbs1.29 g
Fiber0.5 g
Sugars0.2 g
Calcium120 mg
9 %
Iron0.2 mg
1 %
Magnesium21 mg
6 %
Phosphorus60 mg
5 %
Potassium330 mg
7 %
Sodium41 mg
3 %
Zinc0.11 mg
1 %
Copper0.077 mg
9 %
Manganese0.244 mg
15 %
Selenium0.9 µg
2 %
Vit C43 mg
66 %
Thiamin0.09 mg
9 %
Riboflavin0.12 mg
12 %
Niacin0.2 mg
1 %
Vit B60.129 mg
11 %
Folate9 µg
2 %
Vit B120 µg
Vit A160 µg
23 %
Vit E1 mg
7 %
Vit D0 µg
Vit K250 µg
333 %
Sat Fat0.027 g
Mono Fat0.008 g
Poly Fat0.035 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Caffeine0 mg